Remembering Margaret- 2019

In a tiny corner of Queenstown, an unusual skateboarding scene thrived from the early 90's to 2011. 

This mini documentary is a homage to Go Sports Skate Shop at Block 6C Margaret Drive, the legendary skate shop and skate spot where I grew up skateboarding in my teenage years. 

Circuit breaker: One year on- 2021

On 7 April, 2020, Singapore entered a lockdown (circuit breaker) to battle Covid-19. This lasted almost two months. Since then, the nation has opened up cautiously. In this video shot over 3 months, we compare the then and the now. 

Produced by Mark Cheong, Jamie Koh and Benjamin Seetor.

Exploring Ubin's Ecology- 2020

Pulau Ubin is to step back in time. But the offshore island could hold lessons for Singapore’s future – especially as the country moves closer to becoming a city in nature. 

Produced with Environment Correspondent Audrey Tan.

Winds of Change- 2019

El Niño is a natural climate phenomenon that leaves opposite impacts across the Pacific Ocean, the world’s largest ocean basin. It leaves its mark with fire in South-east Asia, but douses the western coast of the Americas with rain. 

In 2019, along with Environment correspondent Audrey Tan, I travelled to Indonesia and across the Pacific to the Galapagos Islands to document the impacts of this climatic event. 

Silent Mentors- 2019

Over 10 months, my colleagues and I at The Straits Times were given special access to document the journey of donated bodies or medical cadavers – known to students as "silent mentors" – at the National University of Singapore's Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine.